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Date: 17th October 2016
German Dolapix
Foshan Boer Ceramic Technique Co,.Ltd is a credible german dolapix supplier among those professional manufacturers. Equipped with a productive ceramic german dolapix factory, we can supply you with good quality products.Introduction Deflocculant is also named as ceramic diluting agent, dispersant agent or deflocculant.?It is widely?used in the whole ceramic industry, including wall and floor tiles, porcelain tiles and ceramic sanitary ware.Organic?deflocculant is a kind of poly-carboxylic acid/ sodium salts, which similar to DOLAPIX PC67 made by ZSCHIMMER.Physical Properties AppearanceDensityPHWater SolubilityPC-189Transparent1.27-1.28 g/cm?6-8GoodPC-83Light yellow to light brown1.28 ~ 1.30 g/cm?11-13GoodProducts Specification Wide applicability. It can apply to different types of clay?and glaze.It can substitute?for STPP?when used in ceramic body?and glaze.The dosage?is about half of the traditional?diluting agent.The viscosity?can be maintaining?from a long time.It can reduce the milling time to improve the working efficiency and save the energy.Direction of Use The dosage usually to be around 0.05%-0.2% which can be decided by lab test. It is recommended to apply the lab test before the massive test.This product can not be milled for a long time. Typically add into the ball mill 30 minutes before finishing.It?can be add into the slurry pool directly.Remarks Mustbe kept in room temperature without sunshine.Package: 30KG/Barrel.
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