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Date: 17th October 2016
CMC Ceramic Grade
Foshan Boer Ceramic Technique Co,.Ltd is a credible cmc ceramic grade supplier among those professional manufacturers. Equipped with a productive ceramic cmc ceramic grade factory, we can supply you with good quality products.Introduction Nowadays, high quality clay becomes less and less?so that ceramic industries have?to solve these?problems, such as?low strength?and high?broken rate of the pressed green bodies. Therefore, we have developed new type efficient body binders for pressed ceramics bodies. The body binders can obviously increase the green body?s strength?to?reduce broken rate, raise the product rate and quality, and decrease the cost, especially suitable for the products with poor raw materials.Physical Properties Appearance: White Powder.Direction of Use The actual usage is based on the requirement of specific materials. The body binder?should be added into the ball mill together with all the raw materials. The body binder?is helpful for?milling procedure, decreasing the water quantity and increasing the suspending stability of the slurry.Controlling the moisture to 5~7% after the powder drying, then press and shape, if for pressed body.When the temperature is higher than 400~600?C, most of the body binders?will burn out, without any detrimental effect to the final fired products.It will not increase?the viscosity of body?s slurry.Remarks Must be kept in room temperature without sunshine.Package: 25KG/Bag.
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